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"As a senior veterinarian at Nantwich Veterinary Group in Cheshire I have witnessed a significant reduction in headshaking in a horse fitted with the SHAKEAZE muzzle guard. The horse it was originally designed for is a long-term resident at my practice and was distressed by his headshaking in the field and was unresponsive to various other therapies. Following application of this muzzle guard, the change in his behaviour has been remarkable and I am happy to recommend this product for similar cases".

C. J. Thompson BVM&S MRCVS


"My ex racer had one on today and her head shaking was reduced remarkably. Great product".

T. Capper


"I am really impressed with this product. Our horse has been a confirmed headshaker for 14 yrs so everything on the market has been tried and tested from supplements to various masks and herbal remedies. Although we have managed this condition to keep Gypsy in work and as comfortable as possible there was still room for improvement, especially for ridden and lunging work. I have to say that from the first day we fitted the Shakeaze mask there was an immediate improvement. Gypsy felt more relaxed under saddle and was more eager to move forwards. She felt as she does in the winter months when her hay fever is not so pronounced. If you have a headshaker it's got worth be worth a try as even a small change will give you a much happier horse!" 

J. Dickenson
"Rode zupan today in our sponsored shakeaze and I'm extremely happy with the result!he will always shake and twitch his head to a degree, but today he did it ten... times less with this on and was able to concentrate 10x better, and we rode in the sun with flys about and he wasn't half as bothered as usual! Highly recommended to anyone who has a horse who head shakes or twitches or is even a little sensitive".
"This product is amazing. I have hacked, jumped and schooled my little connie in the shakeaze and he's like a different pony, most noticed in his schooling ( which he hates) he was forward, straight and no shaking at all. I was going to right him off till winter but now we can have a fun packed summer. Thank you very much x" ​.
L. Reed

"My horse Hugo has been a pretty violent head shaker since I bought him 3 years ago. I have tried nose nets, supplements, fly masks etc. He is sensitive to the wind, sun and flies! Tonight was the first time I tried the Shakeaze muzzle and it was like riding a different horse!

Can't recommend this product highly enough if you have a horse that suffers from head shaking."

E. Murphy










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