Usage Instructions and Handy Tips!

1. The muzzle guard is attached to the noseband via the four Velcro straps. Please feel free to cut the Velcro as required to fit the width of  your noseband.


2. Ensure your horse is accustomed to the muzzle guard in a safe and secure environment. Some find it useful to allow their horses to wear it in a stable attached to a headcollar. Please ensure your headcollar is leather/able to snap in an emergency i.e. the horse getting caught up on something.


3. Your horse may snort/sneeze at first. This is normal and should subside once he is used to his new guard.


4. Covering your mask in fly spray is an excellent way to deter midges away from the rest of the face (top side only to prevent irritation).

5. Use this guard in the summer months to prevent horses with delicate pink noses from becoming burnt!



For faster work such as cantering/galloping, the noseband should be raised slightly to allow the Shakeaze to sit higher and allow at least HALF of each nostril to be visible. If your bridle will not allow for this it is recommended to get a smaller guard such as the pony size to ensure that airflow at fast speeds is not impeded in anyway. 

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