Introduction to headshaking

Headshaking in horses is characterised by an uncontrollable, repetitive, vertical/horizontal head nodding, without any obvious external cause of stimuli.

Some horses rub their face and nostrils on their legs/fences and have a mild nasal discharge.

There is currently no cure for this syndrome, however certain management practices may help to reduce the suffering that accompanies horses that headshake.


Fitting instructions 

The Shakeaze is designed to cover as much of the sensory nerves as possible to act as a ‘barrier’ against stimuli such as wind/dust/rain etc. 

The Shakeaze guard is attached to the noseband via Velcro straps (similar to a nose net) and the straps can then be cut accordingly dependent on the width of your noseband. 

For lighter work such as schooling and hacking, the Shakeaze should cover most of the horses face and muzzle from just below the facial crest to the the tip of the nostril.




Length: 22.5cm

Width: 27cm



Length: 20cm

Width: 24.5cm






The Shakeaze muzzle guard


The Shakeaze muzzle guard was originally developed for headshaking which was triggered by wind.

Research has suggested that the behaviour is due to increased sensitivity in the trigeminal nerve which provides sensation to the upper face, nose and muzzle areas.

The Shakeaze is unique in the respect that it acts as a 'wind barrier', protecting the muzzle area from sensitivity caused by direct airflow.

Research by Professor Knottenbelt has also suggested airflow to be a potential trigger with horses demonstrating 'nostril clamping', in an attempt to close each nostril in turn as if trying to prevent the intake and movement of air and possible associated pain.

This research, again, is the basis of our design!


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****Important: Previous version:  Solid guard. 


For faster work  such as cantering/galloping, the noseband should be raised slightly to allow the Shakeaze to sit higher and allow at least HALF of each nostril to be visible. If your bridle will not allow for this it is recommended to get a smaller guard such as the pony size to ensure that airflow at fast speeds is not impeded in anyway. 







The Trigeminal nerve


Horses that suffer from idiopathic headshaking have been shown to  have an overall hypersensitvity of the Trigeminal nerve when compared to normal horses. This image shows how this nerve branches out to offer sensation over the face and muzzle. 

The Shakeaze is designed to act as a 'barrier' against certain stimuli such as wind/rain/dust etc., to protect these hypersensitive sensory nerves and thus reducing the liklehood of them firing so easily. 

Shakeaze guard with mesh insert


For work at faster paces we have introduced the Shakeaze guard with a windbreaker mesh insert. 

Availible in white/black mesh. 

Shakeaze muzzle guard

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Shakeaze guard mesh insert design: £28.49


Suitable for riding!

The Shakeaze muzzle guard easily attached to the noseband of a cavesson bridle via four velcro straps. Due to its foam based material, it does not flap like the nose nets.



Suitable for turnout!

Because of its soft, yet durable fabric, the Shakeaze can be used outdoors and has the benefit of not holding any water so it will not be uncomfortable/heavy on your horses face when it gets wet!



Available in horse/pony sizes!

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